Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Book That Changed My Life and The Top Ten

These two books are in a genre I love to scan. The first contains essays by authors (some well-, others un-known) who describe their encounter with a life-altering book. Many claim, rightly so, that EVERY book changes the reader. I really enjoy seeing what has influenced writers. Edited by the owner of an independent bookshop in Connecticut. I would really love to visit that store!

The second book is a list of the top ten books by about 125 writers. This volume has more well-known authors than the first. Again some well-known writers (some favorites of mine are missing -- John Updike, Anne Beattie, and Anne Tyler, to name a few), but there are interesting entries. Not for everyone, but these do make interesting "fillers" between more serious stuff.
--Chiron, 2/10/07

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