Saturday, December 01, 2007

Pontoon by Garrison Keillor

I have been listening to “A Prairie Home Companion” since the 70s. I missed it when Garrison moved to Denmark with his wife for a short period, and I was happy when he returned and restarted his weekly show on NPR. (In the event you have never heard the show, today is a good day to start.) Over the past few years, the show has become increasingly more religious – a lot more gospel music, and a lot more reverence for religion. I have successfully ignored this for the rest of the show which is radio at its best.
Pontoon is vintage Keillor, with an extra measure of earthiness thrown in. The writing sounds exactly like Keillor’s voice, and all the familiar characters and places are here.
A smooth read, I could easily have finished it in one sitting if it weren’t for that pesky job I have to go to everyday! I do not mean this as a criticism – after the last two I read, I desperately needed a dose of lightheartedness. I really could not see anything wrong with this book. The story is slow, but so is life in Lake Wobegon. If you are a fan of the show, you will love Pontoon. Five Stars.
--Chiron, 11/30/2007

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