Friday, November 14, 2008

Blue Bicycle Book Shop, Charleston, SC

My annual visit to Charleston always includes a visit to the Blue Bicycle, and this year was no exception.

Sometimes a first visit is not quite as good as I remember, so the second visit is a disappointment. Not so this time! It was not long before we had a stack of some interesting books on the front counter.

I found a title I needed in my "All About" series from Random House. These books are a fond connection to my early days of reading in the 50s. I also found a copy from 1957 of Otto of the Silver Hand by Howard Pyle. The wonderful illustrations came back to me as soon as I opened it. My collection has a recent paperback, but it is not the same as the small hardback with dust jacket.

Blue Bicycle boasts over 50,000 volumes, and we could have picked up quite a few more. It is a good thing we didn't because the ones we did buy put our suitcase 15 pounds over the limit!

Every visit to Charleston must include a visit to Blue Bicycle!

-Chiron, 11/10/08

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