Thursday, March 26, 2009

Silence by Christopher Brookhouse

I never read a complete review before reading a novel, and I am glad I did not read any of the reviews of this fine story. If I had, I might have been misled.

Admittedly in two or three places in its 150 pages, I did have to pause to see who the omniscient narrator was talking about, but little else confused me. The italicized passages were clearly Harriet’s thoughts, and I will not give away any more than that.

Yankee stoicism rings loud and clear in this aptly named novel of the characters’ inability to communicate. So many times they creep to the edge, look over into the chasm below, but turn and leave without uttering a word. But that is not all. The novel has an air of mystery in the silences of people walking, driving, performing ordinary, and not so ordinary, everyday tasks.

Brookhouse has written lots of good character development along with his descriptions of places and events. 5 stars, even though I wanted more -- I will read more of his work.

--Chiron, 3/27/09

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