Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Only Revolutions by Mark Danielewski

I once knew a young man who got hooked on speed long before it became the scourge of society and the ubiquitious subject of the nightly news that it is today. He wrote me notes – rambling, chaotic in shape, full of meaningless drivel. I could not help remembering that young man and his notes of nearly thirty years ago as I read this book.
Actually, I enjoyed Danielewski’s first novel, House of Leaves, which was experimental, but with the semblence of structure in the main text, and a reasonably recognizable structure in the footnotes. Very clever!
Mark, we got it from House. You are questioning the meaning of a text, the meaning and method of reading. But, I am afraid you have gone off the deep end. Your experimentation here seems to have grown into an affectation -- chaos for the sake of chaos.
If ever a book was meant to exemplify the benefits of the “Rule of 50,” this is it. Don’t waste your time or your money.
-Chiron, 5/29/07

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